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Program Overview and Objectives

Cardiovascular disease is a global health problem with no geographic, gender, or socio-economic boundaries. Despite the tremendous advances in cardiac care have been made recently, including drugs, devices, and diagnostic innovation, many patients continue to die from heart disease or live with significant morbidity. Challenges for the next decade include health promotion and disease prevention, obesity, diabetes and lipids, and acute heart failure. We must broaden our scope of intervention to emphasize and extend preventive strategies, and translate our innovations into actions through carefully designed health policy strategies. Genomic, proteomic and imaging biomarkers promise to improve early detection and risk stratification, leading to a more personalized approach to cardiovascular medicine. This conference brings together the most exciting advances in cardiovascular disease and related multidisciplinary conditions, from treatment to prevention, and innovation to application. The program is unique because of its translational theme. The global faculty and participating audience present the faces of cardiovascular medicine with a truly international perspective. This will bring discoveries to the bedside. To enhance the learning experience, the meeting features lectures, panel discussion, problem-solving sessions and case presentations to foster interaction between the faculty and the participants.

Who should attend?

Cardiologists, Internists & Primary Care Physicians; Cardiovascular Surgeons; Pediatric Cardiologist, Allied Health Professionals (ACNP, Nurses, Pharmacists); Heart Failure Care Teams; Trainees; Clinical Researchers; Research Scientists.